A Reliable Provider of Durable Boom Barrier Arm Replacements

If you’re looking for sturdy arm barriers to replace the ones on your boom gate, then Flexible Arms Ltd. in Stow, OH has you covered. Our unique products are virtually indestructible and can be mounted on all brands of barrier gates.

A Message From Mike Sakai, Company President

I developed the Flex II Gate Arm to solve the constant problem of how easy wooden gate arms can be broken by vandalism or accidental contact in the icy conditions of parking lots in the Midwest.

In the fall of 1996, I first started a company that focused on installing and servicing barrier gates for hospitals, universities, professional athletic stadiums, and convocation parking lots.

I had purchased plenty of raw materials and prefabricated wooden arm barriers. Because of this, my business needed a large working space to produce barrier arms in quantities that were also cost-effective. It eventually became a messy, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process altogether.

Some customers had constantly complained about the pricey rates of our products and service call charges. So we had to come up with several alternatives for wooden barrier arms.

Aluminum arm barriers were expensive and can cause unintended damage to vehicles and boom gates. We had also tried selling plastic gate arms developed by a predecessor. However, those products were heavy, unsightly, and hard to ship.

Other PVC products were light and inexpensive but lasted as long as wooden arm barriers. Selling these PVC gate arms had also resulted in a lot of service calls. Its hinged arm barriers still required personnel to reset them.

The Flex II Gate Arm fulfills all the needs that the other alternatives could not. Its PVC shell with a reinforcing rib is both lightweight and strong. There is no need to reset it when the occasional bump happens since it merely flexes as the safety loop moves the arm out of harms way.

Please buy my incredible Flex II Gate Arm for your barrier gates. There’s nothing else like it on the market!

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