Superior-Quality Arm Replacements for Barrier Gates

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Flexible Arms are available in:

1) Yellow / Black - Standard

2) Red / White Reflective Striping - Option
Please specify color choice if you are ordering that option.

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Gate Adapters

Flexible Arms Ltd. is now offering some special adapters for our clients.

The metal bracket is used to hold arms on a DC Solutions/Chamberlain gate. We make the adapter block to use with our FlexII arms. Call for pricing and additional details.
Some barrier gates come with arms that are not a standard wooden or aluminum arm. They can be three inches in diameter or square etc... Some manufacturers have adapters available to utilize standard wooden arms. We have made adapter blocks for some models.

This is a wooden arm adapter for Magnetic Brand Gates. This shim or something like it is required to use a wooden arm or the FlexII on a Magnetic parking gate. This is available from your Magnetic barrier gate dealer.